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Ice Baths

Going into the cold helps to stimulate the chemicals in our brain that dictate the way we feel, our focus and attention. That’s why Cold Water Immersion is such an important component to naturally and effectively create balance and increase the levels of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and feel-good serotonin..


Breathwork is conscious connected breathing with an active guided meditation that puts the breather into a highly cathartic and slightly psychedelic state of mind — one that can unblock stuck energy and elevate you to deeper levels of clarity and awareness.  Just one session will leave you feeling lighter, renewed, and often in a state of bliss with long term benefits to productivity and showing up as a better version of yourself. 


 Breathe Coaches analyze the breath, find out the dysfunctional breathing habit and coach the clients in learning new habits. Most of us learn dysfunctional breathing habits in our childhood as a form of self-developed behaviour. We coach you to access and explore parts of your subconscious programming and rewire limiting beliefs that are holding you back form reaching your full potiential and 

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