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Liberate yourself from whatever has been challenging you.  

 Achieve :-

  • Better Health,

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

  • Improved Confidence

  • More Energy

  • Clarity and Direction

  • Better Relationships

  • Physical Improvement

  • Financial Abundance

  • Overcoming Heartbreak or Addictions

  • More Productivity

  • Spiritual Awakening

Whatever it is you're seeking help with. Breathwork holds the solution.

 It's the wellness modality helping thousands of people all over the world.



Ready to transform your life ? 

Complete our Breathwork assessment form &

book a discovery call today !

Cassy Dickerson Breathwork Coach Breathe and Connect


Try Transformational Breathwork now available in

9D high definition sound.  It's your passport to a happier, healthier, and
more vibrant life filled with boundless joy and endless possibilities. 


Breathe and Connect is based in the Sunshine Coast Australia and
offer our service WORLDWIDE via ZOOM 


✔️ Shed the bullshit you struggle with

✔️ Heal trauma swiftly  (without needing to talk about it)

✔️ Reconnect to your joy, your happiness and your inspiration

What's the 9D difference taking the world by storm? 


9d Breathwork Australia
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