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The 9D Experience - Journeys Below

9D Breathwork is taking the world by storm, drawing widespread attention and gaining remarkable popularity due to its rapid and life-changing transformational benefits. 

Through headphones you will experience 9 layers of sounds scientifically proven to help you access
your subconscious deeply while being guided by a skilled facilitator who will coach you through carefully crafted breathwork journeys designed to help you overcome any of the challenges you may be facing. 

Connect your own headphones if your booking in for a zoom session or we will pop our high quality ones on you if your attending our in person events.  Our headphones can cater for a group of breathers at the same time, so invite your
friends and try this mind blowing awesome experience together. 
The 9 Layers below make it unlike any other breathwork on the planet 
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  1. Multi-Dimensional Sound: Future audio experiences go beyond regular listening by blending layers of audio to create immersive sonic landscapes.

  2. Binaural Brain Entrainment: Uses precisely calibrated audio frequencies to sync brainwaves, leading to improved focus, relaxation, and cognitive performance.

  3. Solfeggio Frequencies: Ancient musical scales believed to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, offering various healing properties and benefits like relaxation and spiritual growth.

  4. Iso-chronic Brainwave Tones: Modern audio technology that optimizes brainwaves through timed pulses, promoting mental clarity, focus, and relaxation.

  5. 432Hz Harmonic Tuning: Embraced for its resonance with natural rhythms, it's thought to promote tranquility and balance by connecting with the vibrational patterns of nature.

  6. Somatic Breathwork: An engaging practice involving intentional, conscious breathing to release tension, unblock emotional energy, and encourage self-discovery.

  7. Subliminal Hypnotic Therapy: A revolutionary method combining subliminal messaging and hypnotic techniques to positively influence the subconscious mind, bypassing the conscious mind.

  8. Guided Coaching: Certified coaches provide personalized support in a 9D (possibly dimensional) format, assisting in overcoming obstacles and unlocking one's full potential.

  9. Bioacoustic Sound Effects BioAcoustics means "life sounds". Low-frequency sounds that when presented to individuals, trigger specific biological and emotional responses, contributing to profound therapeutic effects on overall health and well-being.

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Booking Options 

You Choose - Select from our Journeys Below 
You Can explore our some of our unique Breathwork Journeys below and book the one you would like to do.  Select if its in our Sunshine Coast Studio Or Via Zoom

Let our Coach Help you Select 
Not Sure where to Start take the assessment quiz below and we will call you with the best options and put a plan in place specific to help you overcome what it is your would  like to work on.  Be it Physical or Mental Wellness or Growth.


Book A Private

Session Via Zoom

Connect virtually and experience breathwork from the comfort of you own home


Book A Private 

Studio Session 

Our Studio is Located in Little Mountain, Sunshine Coast. Just 45 mins from BNE Airport



Corporates we can come to your venue for group sessions

and Breath Education


Which ones do you want to try ?

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