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Cassy and Ben Dickerson have always been passionate about health and fitness and

motivating & inspiring others in their own wellness Journey. 


They run transformational workshops and life-changing breathwork events,
with a mission to impact as many people and ignite change in their lives.


Key Note Speakers 

Breath Coaches - How are you Breathing ?

Breathwork Facilitators for :-

9d Transformational Breathwork 

Rebirthing Breathwork Coach 

and Custom Tailored Sessions for companies and individuals,

Cassy was able to heal TMJ pain that she had lived with for over 10 years with Breathwork.  The top doctors in Australia offered her anti depressants even though she wasn't depressed, as the only cure but Breathwork released the tension and stress that was the root cause of the problem.

Stress & Trauma’s impact is not only mental, emotional, and neurological, but also physiological: Trauma rewires the brain to put people in a constant state of stress or numbness, leading to a host of physical problems which can be cured by breathing properly. 

We love the work we are doing and have seen first hand time and time again how magical breathwork is! Its the medicine thew world needs to heal so many issues that are robbing us of living our best lives. 

We welcome any questions but most all we look forward to helping you 

9D Breathwork Australia and Worldwide via Zoom

What to expect during a breathwork session 


Breathwork is like medicine for your body mind and Soul. Your body stores energy from past experiences and trauma throughout the body, and knows where to focus energy in releasing them during breathwork. The key is - trust your body and lean into the experience rather than try and escape discomfort! The body knows what to do on a cellular level to dislodge any area that may have "stuckness." Different Physical sensations during breathwork are normal. From an emotional standpoint, you may experience the urge to cry scream, laugh or perhaps nothing at all.
There is no right or wrong answer - your experience is uniquely yours, and if you surrender to the process, you WILL receive exactly what YOU need.  Try a session from the comfort of your own home via
zoom or in our Sunshine Coast Studio -

Book Now 

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