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Welcome to the Breathwork Revolution

Follow These 3 Steps

Now you are a part of the Breathwork Revolution make sure you connect with the rest of the team and don't miss out on anything!

1) Click the link to join our Breathwork Revolution Announcement Channel:

2) Click the link to join our 9D Breathwork Revolution Main Community:

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY - Drop a quick message in the main community introducing yourself. If you're feeling inspired, record a quick video!

The community has been proven to increase the likelihood of success by more than tenfold. Establish the first touches within your Community so you keep benefiting from it long-term!

Additionally, determine how long it’s going to take you to consume the course material (it’s just under 9hrs) and share your commitment in your initial message!


The Vision Of The Breathwork Revolution

Introduction To 9D Breathwork

Welcome to the "Introduction to 9D Breathwork" module. This video will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of 9D breathwork, including its unique style, potential benefits, and associated risks. By the end of this module, you will have a deeper insight into the practice of 9D breathwork, equipping you with the knowledge to confidently explain it to your future students. Let's begin.

Contraindications & Adverse Events

Welcome to the "Introduction to Breathwork Contraindications" module. This video will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the contraindications of breathwork, how to modify the technique for students with contraindications, and how to manage any unlikely adverse events that may arise during the sessions. By the end of this module, you will have a deeper insight into how to identify and manage contraindications in your students, enabling you to facilitate safe and effective breathwork sessions. Let's begin.

The Power Of Hands-On Touch & The Fundamentals Of Bodywork

Welcome to the "Introduction to Body Work in Breathwork Journeys" module. In this video, we will explore the benefits and power of hands-on touch during breathwork journeys and the basic fundamentals of how to responsibly use bodywork in these practices. By the end of this module, you will have a deeper understanding of how to incorporate bodywork into breathwork sessions, allowing you to provide your clients with a deeper and more powerful experience. Let's begin.

9D Tech Set-Up

Welcome to the "9D Tech Training" module. This video will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to set up and use your 9D tech, including operating the transmitter, headsets, and microphone, along with a few hacks and tricks. By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of how to use your technology to start guiding breathwork journeys. Let's begin.

Breathwork Liability Waiver

Here is a sample Liability & Release Waiver for you to download and have participants sign prior to breathing!

A liability waiver is important for several reasons:

  1. Acknowledgment of Risks: By signing a liability waiver, participants explicitly acknowledge and understand that certain activities or programs involve inherent risks and potential hazards. This awareness helps set realistic expectations and ensures that participants are fully informed about the nature of the activity they are undertaking.

  2. Assumption of Responsibility: A liability waiver establishes that participants willingly assume responsibility for their own actions and decisions during the activity or event. It emphasizes that they are aware of the potential risks involved and agree to participate at their own risk.

  3. Protection for Organizers/Providers: Liability waivers protect organizers, providers, and affiliated individuals or organizations from legal claims or lawsuits resulting from accidents, injuries, or damages that may occur during the activity. They serve as a legal defense by demonstrating that participants willingly assumed the associated risks and released the organizers/providers from liability.

  4. Risk Management: Liability waivers play a crucial role in risk management for organizers or providers of activities. They help minimize potential legal disputes, as participants have explicitly agreed to release the organizers/providers from liability for any harm or injury that may arise.

  5. Insurance Requirements: In many cases, liability waivers are required by insurance providers to ensure coverage for potential accidents or injuries. By having participants sign a waiver, organizers/providers can demonstrate their efforts to inform participants about the associated risks and comply with insurance requirements.

  6. Encouragement of Personal Responsibility: Liability waivers promote personal responsibility and encourage participants to be mindful of their own safety and well-being during the activity. By signing the waiver, participants are prompted to take ownership of their actions and decisions, leading to a safer and more responsible environment.

Bonus Training

In this short training video, Brian offers insights on selecting the optimal journey for your clients and provides a foundational roadmap for introducing beginners to 9D Breathwork.

Learn the dos and don'ts to ensure a transformative experience for first-time breathers.

4 Techniques Of Breathwork Journeys

In this module, Brian will delve into the four core techniques I employ for comprehensive 9D somatic breathwork sessions.

Discover the nuances of each method, understand when and how to apply them, and master the training and customization of each technique.


BONUS: Coach Training With Cassy

BONUS: Space Holding & Bodywork With Cassy

BONUS: An Introduction To A 9D Session In Perth

BONUS: 11,000 Psychiatric Patients & Holotropic Breathwork

11,000 Psychiatric Patients studied over a 12 year period doing Holotropic Breathwork. Shows how safe the practice is with ZERO adverse events PLUS only 2% reported having no experience. Massive study.

9D Business Training with Cassy

1. 9D Business & Ethical Sales Introduction

2. Business: Inbound Social Media

Get clear on your Social Media strategy and implementation path moving forward. Start creating social media assets and become unstoppable online.

3. Business: Outbound Social Media

Dive into the Outbound Social Media strategy and master the game of outreach. The gold lies in repetition and willingness to fail.

4. Business: Social Media Mindset

It's not just what we do... But how we do it, too. Reframe your way of thinking about Social Media and become unstoppable.

5. Business: Pricing & Packaging

It's not just what you offer, but how you package your offer. Learn the best practices and apply them right away.

6. Business: Venue Attraction Strategy

Attract your partners skillfully and strategically. Follow a step-by-step process to attract your venue partners today!


9D Ethical Sales Training with Cassy

1. Ethical Sales Introduction

Selling today is not like it used to be.

And as someone who wants to create positive impact and operate with integrity - that’s good news for you.

Because those are values that will ensure your success.

If you take on board the training in these lessons & step into your duty to sell.

2. Sales: Mindset

A financial value exchange for the services you provide in the world is perfectly fair.

The financial foundation you create will enable you to invest & increase your impact.

Allowing a conflict to exist between being of service and being highly paid…

Is accepting a limitation to the impact you can have in the world.

If you have a service that can change people’s lives, you have a duty to develop the skills that help them step out of their comfort zone.

So that they can receive it. Otherwise, your gifts will never travel as far as they could.

And your impact will also be limited.

Here I explain these concepts to help you achieve maximum impact through your services.

3. Sales: 4 (+1) Things That Will Stop You Selling

The 4 things that will stop - or supercharge - your selling.

Plus one additional bonus ;)

4. Sales: Creating Your Offer

How to take a package (the components of what you sell) and turn it into an offer (that enables people to understand their journey as a customer and why this is for them).

5. Sales: Selling At Your Events

How to sensitively and appropriately use the end of your 9D Breathwork sessions to open the door for more facilitation & impact opportunities.

6. Sales: Elevator Pitch

Never struggle to answer the question “what do you do” again.

How to construct a 60 second elevator pitch that hits hard - and ensures everyone knows what you can do for them.

7. Sales: Framing Your Conversations

How to start a sales call or meeting so that your buyer gives you the greatest opportunity to serve them:

And how to welcome them as a client.

8. Sales: Discovery Questioning

Discovery is where you support your buyer to understand their own reality whilst gaining intelligence that helps you to serve them.

Understanding Discovery Questioning & developing your skills is likely to be one of the biggest predictors of your future sales performance.

9. Sales: Transition

How to move from an open and vulnerable Discovery into your pitch, respectfully & effectively.

Without offending your prospect…& with their full permission.

10. Sales: Pitch

How to use the Offer you created and deliver a pitch that:

  • Makes sense to your prospect

  • Moves them both emotionally & logically

  • Ensures optimal delivery whilst appealing to their personal needs

  • Sales: Securing Committed Action (close)

11. Sales: Securing Committed Action (Close)

How to prepare for the “close” once your pitch is finished and to secure fully committed action from your new client.

12. Sales: Organisation

Don’t be “that guy” who leaves a trail of missed opportunities in his/her wake.

The universe is gifting you opportunities to create impact. Don’t waste those opportunities and the universe will give you more.

Stay organised with your opportunities as you’re getting started.

13. Sales: ROI

Choosing your sales activities carefully and investing the appropriate amount of time to different types of offers.

14. Sales: Confused People Don’t Buy

Confused people don’t buy. Yet so many service providers invest time creating overly complex offers that stop people moving forward.

Don’t be “that guy” either ;)

15. Sales: People Will Fight Like Hell

Watch the video for the full caption. This one caption explains why failing to learn to “sell” = failing your duty to maximum impact.

16. Sales: Getting Into Action (“Before You Start”)

Some closing words - as you launch into action :)

We’ll be here with you every step of the way.


You made it through the sales training... Well done!

I'm sure this will be a resource that you keep coming back to!

Now, it's time to line up your first conversation with a Venue partner..

No need to be daunted - step 1 is to simply schedule and attend a class there!


Schedule to attend your first class at one (or more) of your short-listed venues, review the Venue attraction class and checklist again... And share the date you'll be attending in the 9D Main Community Group!

Business Outro

Ok! Now you have everything you need.

What now?


Get out there and make an impact.

Share in the 9D Breathwork Revolution Whatsapp Community.

Support your peers in Team 9D. And be supported.

Let’s change the world - more and more - every day.

Spreading the 9D Breathwork Revolution

Watch This Masterclass First To Know WHY We're Doing This


In this "Team 9D Partner Program Masterclass" we shared the vision - the mission - and why you are such a crucial part of this movement.

We explained the opportunity available for the next 6 months...

And how, collectively, we will succeed in improving the lives of 24m+ people per week through this program.

Do not miss this - it will fuel everything you do moving forward!

How To Access Your Affiliate Portal

This is how it works:

  1. You sign up to the portal using the link above

  2. There's a selection of different links you can use: direct to checkout, to schedule a call with our team etc

  3. You can provide a special $250 discount code at your discretion: 9DSPECIAL

  4. You earn $$ and change the world by fuelling this movement - even if our sales team close the deal for you!


Your Commissions:

If customers purchase the 9D Kit, they will be charged $4,999 today, and then be subscribed to a monthly plan, costing $200 per month.

You will receive $1k in commission! If a payment plan is available and your contact chooses to utilise it, your $1k commission will be divided by the amount of instalments and the commission will be credited to your account each time a payment is received.

During December 2023 there is a promo running for your introductions: meaning you will receive a massive 50% commission. So if the purchase price is $4,999, you'll receive $2499.50!

It doesn't stop there:

If your contact chooses to purchase the "bump offer" at checkout for an additional 12 Headsets, you will receive 10% ($1,099 x 10% = $109.90). You will also receive a 10% ($20) commission on each monthly payment for the 9D Library & community subscription.

Once you have accrued more than $200 in commissions, your commissions will be reviewed and paid out at the end of the following month. The platform uses a first-cookie system for tracking clicks on partner links.

We want to make you aware of all the situations where YOU WILL still be credited for your affiliate introductions despite our internal team assisting in the sales process - and the two circumstances where you would not be. 


Please note, this is how affiliate platforms work and we cannot pass any exceptions:

If already in BM ecosystem prior to registering via affiliate link - affiliates still get paid

If joined BM ecosystem via a different route after registering via the affiliate link - affiliates still get paid

If sold by our internal sales team - affiliates still get paid

If the customer HAS NOT deleted their cookies and checks out at a later date - affiliates still get paid

If the customer HAS deleted their cookies and checks out at a later date - THIS CANNOT BE TRACKED AND AFFILIATES WILL NOT BE PAID

If the customer checks out via a different device/browser - THIS CANNOT BE TRACKED AND AFFILIATES WILL NOT BE PAID.

How To Get Paid!

NEW! You Can Now Get Commissions For Breath Masters Certification And MB30

QUICK ACCESS: All Your Affiliate Assets

NEW! Onboarding Interested Prospects Immediately

This one's extra exciting!


After you lead your sessions, a lot of people will approach you and ask, "I absolutely loved it! How do I do this? How do I get involved?"

Most of the time, we don't really have to offer anything more than "Come back for another session..." or "Sign up for the program"... What if some of them aren't interested in more sessions? What if they want to become a part of the 9D Breathwork Revolution? Now, you have the ability to onboard them IMMEDIATELY!

Here's the Canva Template Link

If you don't have Canva Pro and you can't generate QR codes, here's the link for the free way to do it

9D Brand Guidelines & Marketing 

9D Brand Guidelines & Marketing Materials

You will have everything that you need here for marketing your 9D Journeys and Partner Products.

The DO's & DON'Ts For Brand Representation

Downloadable 9D Experiences For Your Marketing

NEW! Embedding Videos Onto Your Website And Collecting Emails

Leverage free journeys to collect emails and attract interest. Have fun with it!

USE THIS LINK TO ADD 12-MIN Journey to your Partner's Area

Give them the code 12MIN100 to get the journey for free!


Here's the code that you can you use to embed journeys onto your website.


Relaxation - 9D 5 Minute Breathwork Break 

<script src="" async></script><script src="" async></script><div class="wistia_embed wistia_async_cs1edm0uer seo=false videoFoam=true" style="width:100%;height:218px;position:relative">&nbsp;</div>


Activation - 9D 5 Minute Breathwork Break 

<script src="" async></script><script src="" async></script><div class="wistia_embed wistia_async_s7b239ffof seo=false videoFoam=true" style="width:100%;height:218px;position:relative">&nbsp;</div>


9D Getting Great 12 Min Activation

<script src="" async></script><script src="" async></script><div class="wistia_embed wistia_async_w71it7jjrj seo=false videoFoam=true" style="width:100%;height:218px;position:relative">&nbsp;</div>


Also available in the 9D Asset Drive Folder

COMING SOON: How To Cultivate Your Own Online Community And Email List?

The 9D Journey Library

1. 9D 5 Minute Breathwork Break - Activation

2. 9D 5 Minute Breathwork Break - Relaxation

3. 9D Journey - The 7 Minute 9D Cinematic Trailer

4. 9D 12 Min Activation - Getting Great

5. 9D Journey - Signature Letting Go Journey

6. 9D Journey - Letting Go No F-Word

7. 9D Journey - 5 Primary Trauma Imprints

8. 9D Journey - Healing Ancestral Lines

9. 9D Journey - Integration & Regeneration

10. 9D Journey - Down Regulation And Regeneration

11. 9D Journey - Abundance

12. 9D Journey - Full Reset

13. 9D Journey - Stress And Anxiety

14. 9D Journey - Transcending Fear

15. 9D Journey - Letting Go And Moving On

16. 9D Journey - Awakening

17. New 9D Cinematic Trailer + 5 Minute Breathwork Break

The 9D Journey Library Spanish

9D Journey - 5 Primary Trauma Imprints Spanish

Zoom Training

Hosting ZOOM Call Best Practices

How To Properly Setup ZOOM

How To Broadcast Your Journeys On Zoom With Stereo Sound 🎧


9D Activation Call 19 Dec 2023

Brian At The Global Citisen Forum Dec 14 2023

9D Activation Call Replay - 13 Dec 2023

9D Activation Call 4 Dec 2024

9D Activation Call 27 November 2023

9D Activation Replay 20 November 2023


9D Masterclass Nov 2nd, 2023

9D Activation Call Replay Oct 30 2023

9D Activation Call Replay 23 Oct 2023

9D Activation Call Replay 16 Oct 2023

9D Activation Replay 09 Oct 2023

9D Activation Call Replay 2 Oct 2023

9D ACTIVATION Replay 25 Sep 2023

9D ACTIVATION Replay 🚀 18 Sep 2023

9D ACTIVATION Replay 11 Sep 2023

Activate & Earn Masterclass On How To Use The Affiliate Link 7 Sep 2023

A Big Announcement About The 9D Cases 4 Sep 2023


The Next 9D Masterclass Happening On 2nd September At 8pm Bali Time 30 Aug 2023

9D ACTIVATION Replay 28 Aug 2023

Upgraded Video Journey Files And New Embed Codes 📽️ 25 Aug 2023


The Summary Of The Different Products, Prices & Discount Codes Available In Your Affiliate Dashboard 18 August 2023

Calling On BMC Facilitators Who Are Loving It Here In Team 9D! 📣 16 Aug 2023


9D ACTIVATION Replay Mon, 7th Aug

9D Masterclass On 2nd August At 8pm Bali Time


9DSPECIAL Coupon Value Has Been Reduced To $250 (From $500). 27 July 2023


Replay 9D Activation Session 24 July 2023

Invite People To Experience The 9D Abundance Masterclass 21 July 2023

Invite People To Experience The Abundance Journey 18 July 2023

9D Letting Go Trailer Intro 17 July 2023

Here it is friends! The Intro to 9D Breathwork from the Letting Go journey extracted with sound bytes added to the front and back so now can be used for promo purposes 🚀

We'll add this into the membership area and make an announcement post soon but feel free to download now and start building this into your pitch and offering as it's a WOW experience and a great lead in to explain what you are offering without having to put it into words ;) 

Let's get it! ✊



The New 9D Breathwork Abundance Event 24 July, 2023, 8pm Bali Time

9D Call Replay Mon 10 July

The ZOOM Training Is LIVE In The Membership Area!

Announcement About The 9D Voiceless Journeys

9D Replay- Mon July, 3d

Masterclass And 9D Abundance Journey On Friday, 30 June

9D Activation Replay 26 June 2023

9D Activation Replay 19 June 2023

9D Activation Replay 12 June 2023

9D ACTIVATION Replay 05 June 2023

REPLAY 9D Activation Session 29 May 2023

Some Clarity Around Your Commissions 23 May 2023

Updated Partner's Links For 9D Breathwork Kit 23 May 2023

How To Embed A Short Journey Onto Your Website 22 May 2023

REPLAY 9D Activation Session 22 May 2023

New Affiliate Links Live 21 May 2023

The 9D Brand Guidelines 18 May 2023

REPLAY 9D Activation Session 15 May 2023

New Offerings In The Membership Area - 11 May 2023

9D Letting Go Trailer Intro 17 July 2023

9D Logo Stickers Replacement 7 May 2023

REPLAY 9D Activation Session - 2 May 2023

REPLAY Partner Commissions - 26 April 2023

Sharing Your QR Code - 26 April 2023

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